Book Scanner M3000 Pro

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    CZUR M3000 Pro - The revolutionary Book Scanning Solution
    Two pages in 1.2s, 20MP HD Camera, OCR text recognition, up to A3 and much more.

    Will help read enthusiasts, librarians quickly and easily scan books, magazines and
    documents, helping with the construction of Digital Library

    All prices are ink. VAT and without  shipping.

    Digital library & archive

    Smart and Easy - the M3000 Pro: Digitalize book, magazines, catalogues and docs within minutes.
    You can scan material up to A3 - the gentle scanning methode prevents damage to sensitive documents.

    32 Bit MIPS CPU for fast and high-solution scanning

    20MP HD camera for clear and brilliant pictures   

    4 methodes to easy start scanning - hand button, foot-pedal, scanner-button or software button.

    hand button

    foot pedal

    scanning button

    software button

    Intelligener Scanner & Bildverarbeitungs Software
    Tilt correction & auto cropping

    Place document under camera  

    automatic edge correction

    intelligent page correction 
    Auto Flatten & Finger Cots Removal

    Press the middle of edge with finger cots 

    Curve recognition & flatten

    finger cots removal and smart paging

    Five different color modes

    choose between these five color modes: color, patterns, stamps, greyscale or b&w

    Combine pages automatically

    efficient OCR technology

    OCR (Optical Character Recognition): Quickly transfer scanned images into editable Word/PDF/TIFF files in one click via
    intelligent OCR function. OCR, coming from ABBYY, currently supports 180+ languages

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